About Surgeon


Dr Koshish  Pokharel

MBBS, MS, fellowship in Bariatric and Metabolic surgery 

Dr. Koshish, a highly trained bariatric surgeon in Nepal, currently serves as a consultant in bariatric surgery at HAMS Hospital. With an impressive track record spanning a decade, he has performed over 1000 bariatric surgeries, demonstrating his exceptional expertise and commitment to improving the lives of his patients.

Dr. Koshish specializes in a range of bariatric procedures, including laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, gastric bypass, and revision surgeries. His extensive experience and proficiency in these techniques have made him a trusted choice for individuals seeking effective weight loss and metabolic health solutions.

In pursuit of excellence, Dr. Koshish pursued a fellowship in bariatric and metabolic surgery in India, further expanding his knowledge and skills in this evolving field. His interest primarily lies in understanding and addressing the intricate connection between obesity and diabetes, a critical aspect of modern healthcare.

Dr. Koshish's dedication to advancing medical knowledge is evident through his impressive portfolio of more than seven journal publications. These contributions showcase his commitment to sharing insights and research findings with the medical community, ultimately benefiting patients worldwide.

Furthermore, Dr. Koshish actively engages in academic and professional activities. He has presented his work and performed live surgeries at conferences, demonstrating his commitment to education, training, and the dissemination of innovative surgical techniques.


In summary, Dr. Koshish's impressive career, extensive experience, dedication to research, and commitment to patient care make him a distinguished figure in the field of bariatric surgery in Nepal. His passion for addressing obesity and diabetes through surgical interventions, combined with his communication skills, makes him a valuable resource for individuals seeking solutions and information in this critical area of healthcare.

  • Gastric Bypass

    Gold standard
  • Sleeve Gastrecomy

  • Mini Gastric byapss

  • Revision Bariatric surgery